Who We Are

Centrahost.net was founded in 2002 by Eric Nelson and Jimmy De La Garza as a way to consolidate side contracts both individuals had into a more profitable centralized business.  The strategy was a success as clients were impressed with the development and design work Centrahost.net provided them with and began referring new clients regularly.

 In 2004, Centrahost.net became profitable enough for Eric and Jimmy to dedicate their full resources to the company, which has only grown in size since.

 Since then, Centrahost.net has expanded its client base and responsibilities to include the design, maintenance, and hosting of dozens of websites, the design and deployment of large document management systems (supporting document and database stores in excess of 12 terabytes,) and several large consulting agreements with companies that depend on Centrahost.net to enhance their workflow and redesign legacy applications.

We are a small business that concentrates on providing our clients with industry leading talent. We've asssembled the best and brightest mind into an agile tight-knit development team able to respond to complex problems by providing innovative solutions and working efficiently.

Our combined software development experience providers over half a century of talent and we have direct access to resources in graphic design, hosting, infrastructure, telecommunications that lets us cut out the middle-man development pattern larger companies often introduce.

With more direct resource access, we reduce communication overhead and costs.

Our Biographies

Jimmy De La Garza

Jimmy De La Garza has over 14 years of experience as a Software Developer, Network Engineer, Business Analyst and Lead Software Architect. His specialty is application development utilizing various Microsoft Technologies including the Microsoft Visual Studio Suite with Visual Basic.NET, C#, and ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

In addition to his programming expertise, Jimmy is also well versed in all of the technical aspects of hosting enterprise hardware and software from DNS and Firewall services to the deployment of redundant cluster failover enterprise servers.

Jimmy is the president of Centrahost.net which was founded in 2002 along with his business partner Eric Nelson; it has remained successful since shortly after its inception.

Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Computer Science (1985) and a Masters of Computer Science (1987). His work towards a Ph.D. of Computer Science allowed him to publish over a dozen articles including an article published for a peer reviewed journal.

Eric Nelson has over 25 years of experience as a Software Engineer and has designed software in the areas of artificial intelligence, scientific simulation, visualization and, animation, industrial process control, telecommunications, database design, and WEB pages.

Eric’s current work involves developing custom applications for the Title Insurance industry which entails the design and maintenance of databases, (ranging from several gigabytes to several terabytes in size) web based applications and services, as well as traditional rich client applications. In addition, his responsibilities include the day to day management of over 20 contractors.

Caesar Hernandez

Caesar Hernandez has been developing software professionally since 1996. He began his career writing computer games as a hobby with assembler and C then moved on to Visual Basic where he was then contracted to write process monitoring software for some of the nation’s largest steel mills located in Northwest Indiana.

In Caesar’s 15 years of software experience, he has been involved in full-lifecycle software development within the steel, telecommunication, industrial cleaning, automotive, multi-family housing  and clinical trial industries and has been contracted by well-known companies such as McDonalds, Verizon and EBay.

Caesar is currently deeply involved in researching gamification techniques using modern 3D APIs to display and manipulate business data.